About Paraguay

Paraguay is located in the heart of South America. It is an inland land with over 400.000 km2 and thus as large as Germany, Switzerland and Lichtenstein together.
Paraguay has only 6.8 million inhabitants. In comparison: Berlin 3.5 million, thus approximately 2 x the inhabitants of Berlin.

Over 70% of the population is under 35 years old. Therefore, Paraguay is a vibrant and vibrant country.

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These links contain a lot of information, you should read with some caution, like all standard information. If you have any questions, ask us, as we know the situation better.

Why Paraguay?

Paraguay was selected on the basis of a long list of parameters.

20 years looking and 5 years of intensive research with an eternally long checklist led to Paraguay. No country is optimal, but in „our country“ the optimal condition is almost reached. Therefore, when you read the following, always ask „What is the alternative?“

The U.S had already served as an objective as early as 2001. The Caribbean is not suitable for earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes; in Thailand you can not establish a property as a stranger; in Sri Lanka and in Burma, the situation was too uncertain to us.

In Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina the economy is on the ground and Brazil has a high crime rate. In Canada, Australia and New Zealand, even with an academic title, you are no longer included in the residence permit because of the point system, it is expensive, and in practically all the above mentioned countries the permanent residency is lost if one does not emigrate within 1-2 years.

Zero tax relief is not an option and regulations in alternative healing methods are almost as bad in many of these countries as in the EU (currency: „cure prohibited“).

And then came a country that we had already rejected (by superficial analysis) because it was not on the sea (which was my biggest objection) and because we had not looked at the crime rate regionally. It was only at a close inspection that (some of the other criteria were fulfilled, except for the sea), some were actually „over – fulfilled“.

In our part of Paraguay, people often leave the houses open when they leave and the keys in their unlocked car. The crime rate is far below that of the vast majority of the Western World.

Disadvantages of Parguay

No sea for everyone for whom the sea is important. The missing sea is replaced by a huge lake in the south with kilometer-long sandy beaches.

More poverty than in Germany: Still. While Paraguay, with its giant strides and economic growth of 5% per year, is at the top of the industrialized countries, supported by the young and learning-based, exclusively Christian population, Germany is progressing with a gigantic step towards a medieval conflict region with religious conflicts, intolerant members of faith and violent migrants.

Crime rate : In the north of Paraguay, the crime rate is still lower than in Brazil. We are in the south of Paraguay with – especially in the rural area, where we are – very low crime rate. This is comparable to most of Europe in the mid-50s.