We are two simple people who have long felt the desire for freedom and independence, and instead of complaining about the progressively poorer conditions we simply sought solutions and created an alternative for all those who are free from alienation, taxation and bureaucracy.

I am a cross-thinker as long as I can think. I could never classify, was always the rebel and allergic to anything that wanted me to be patented in any way. So I have a very moving life behind me and a beautiful life in freedom in front of me.

My wife Sylvia is the soul of the community, with her wisdom, her comprehensive knowledge and her life experience.

We are not gurus and no sect leaders. We reject this. We are equals among equals. We are all divine creatures under a Lord God. No one is better than the other. We do not want to lead you, nor „school“, nor do we aspire to be seen by you as VIPs.

We simply want to have ordinary people around us, whose goal is to develop further – mentally and physically – and who want to reach their goals, whatever they are, in harmony with nature and with other people.

We have merely created the field of freedom for self-realization.

You have to play.


The more good you do, the more you are attacked. The more good you do, the more you will be slandered.

We do as much good as possible …

Therefore, I have published my criminal record extract in response to all who think I have unfair intentions or would not be an honorary man. I have answered every documented slander with complaints and criminal complaints and will do so in the future.
If someone says something negative about us, please ask the person to write down and sign this negative information IN WRITING and dated. We also sign every word we say.

Please send this information to our contact office (see imprint). We will take a position on this and, if necessary, take appropriate civil and criminal steps.
One must defend freedom, also against liars and slanderers.

If you have heard anything or have questions about some „shops“ that I have supposedly been involved in, you can do the simplest thing in the world:
Contact us and ask me.

All the best

Erwin Annau