El Paraiso Verde


Are you concerned about your safety, the security of your loved ones and the developments in the Western world?

Do you no longer feel „at home“ at home?

Do you feel growing uneasiness about the millions of economic refugees, the misery and loss of our homeland, our culture and our values?

Are you skeptical about the multi-cultural culture, steadily increasing repression by taxes and authorities and the incarceration by the bureaucratic regulation delusion from Brussels?

Are you concerned that your assets will be destroyed by a crash or by rising inflation?

Are you afraid of the breakdown of social systems and internal order in your country?

Do you have a yearning for REAL FREEDOM?

We have not focused our attention on these concerns, but on THE SOLUTION.

You can enjoy a life of freedom. NOW – or whenever you prefer to withdraw from your country. Come to our „El Paradiso Verde“, our „Green Paradise“.


In our long-standing effort to offer our clients the greatest possible freedom from the „matrix“ (authorities, tax, bureaucracy, disease, medicine), we wanted to find a place where we can achieve all our goals.

No one MUST emigrate, everyone CAN emigrate when they consider it right. The laws of Paraguay make it possible to obtain a permanent residence permit as soon as possible.

Unlike virtually all other countries on the planet, you are not required to move within a certain time. Many of our investors have been concerned about immigration papers and remain in Europe for as long as they feel safe here.

A big advantage: once the borders are tight in Europe, the borders in all other countries of the world are also dense. In this case, you can officially walk through Paraguay’s refugee snakes and as a „resident“ passport check into their new home.

An investment in the country and a permanent residence permit in Paraguay are therefore essential if the security of your family is to be guaranteed by the progressive disintegrating society spreading across Europe and the Western World.

El Paraiso Verde – The Green Paradise

Living in peace and freedom

After four years of intensive research, we have found a safe place in a Christian and democratic country – Paraguay, in the heart of South America.

El Paraiso Verde is located in the southern part of Paraguay, about 130 km southeast of the capital Asuncion. The next major city is the university town of Villarrica with 70,000 inhabitants, 4 universities and a university clinic.

In an independent community, we can offer you the realization of your life – life in freedom. On about 1,600 hectares (16km2), we are building a new home in order to show that they can be very successful without tax repression, misery and bureaucracy.

Paraguay offers you a democratic state with fundamental Christian values ​​such as respect, tolerance, freedom of religion, equality …

Relatives of religions whose beliefs involve the contempt or persecution of other believers may not enter Paraguay.

They are therefore safe. They enjoy tax freedom for 28 years, after which the income tax is limited to 10%.

In our independent community, we make our rules ourselves within the framework of the law of reason. In principle, everything is permitted which does not harm others or curtails them in their rights.

Our motto:


We protect nature:

The primary forest on the property must not be cleared.

Cultivation of fruit and vegetables is to be carried out exclusively biologically.

We strive for a high degree of autonomy for the community.

The constant economic growth of Paraguay (about 5% pa) and the young population (70% under 35 years of age), as well as the free movement of capital, the transfer of profits and the investment protection agreement enable you to become a new resident without tax, bureaucracy and regulatory madness.

A „golden“ and green future for everyone who loves freedom as much as we do.

Do you want to know more about Paraguay?

If you have never been to Paraguay, it is understandable that you have some questions regarding this South American country. Click on the video on the left to see a short but very informative film about Paraguay

The Independent Community – your guarantee for independence and freedom

  • El Paraiso Verde is an independent community. Such a Community requires special authorizations.
  • Members of the Community are therefore handpicked. Capital or money is not an exclusive criterion for participating in the Paraiso Verde project.
  • We are primarily interested in whether you have the heart in the right place and whether the „chemistry fits“.
  • As soon as we get to know you and we understand each other, you can freely decide how much time and money you will invest in your future in the Green Paradise and if and when you want to move your residence to Paraguay.

The facts:

  • Your permanent residency permit in Paraguay entitles you to reside and stay in Paraguay for life.
  • In practically all other countries of the world you will lose your residence permit if you do not relocate within 1-2 years.
  • You can stay in your home country for as long as it suits your needs and your safety.
  • We deliver a place of retreat if the situation acrosos the globe escalates.
  • You can either invest in forestry sites (ecologically grown eucalyptus forest). The yields of ecological eucapyptus planting are about 200% in 11 years (just under 20% a year according to current wood prices, tendency is increasing).
  • Our forest grounds are already sold out. We therefore reserved a beautiful park for all the inhabitants of Paraiso Verde to use.
    In this park we will set up areas for you to socialise with other residents and guests of the Paraiso Verde.
    Further common areas are set up at the lake and in the village, so that you feel at home.
  • We plan various amenities such as a cafe, restaurant and shops, a seminar center, a health center for alternative and natural healing methods, a small hotel, a commercial center and a helipad.
    A lake of more than 50 hectares with surrounding villas is also planned.
  • Land for development is gradually being offered for purchase. You can build your dream house on these building plots when you are ready.
  • Since literally everything grows in Paraguay and we have up to 4 harvests a year, you can feed yourself with a small garden (about 100m2 per person).
  • You can make your life with us as self-sufficient as possible and concentrate on the essential things – your health and personal growth or simply a life of freedom and joy.
    As an investor, you have the possibility to choose and purchase additional land in line with your investment budget.
  • The existing forest is 100% preserved. The increase in value of land in Paraguay has been around 100% in the last 3 years.
  • The yield in Eukalyptus planting is approx. 200% in 11 years.
  • The forecasts are encouraging so it is therefore possible to increase in value.
  • We also need specialists from all divisions: Engineers, Builders, Farmers, IT specialists, Teachers, Doctors, Nurses, Managers and much more to assist us with our project.

Living in freedom 

Freedom: There is probably no word in our language that has been used, abused, worn out or perverted as much as the word FREEDOM.

Freedom is the first and original longing of every human being.

And yet in our development – especially in the last few years – we are experiencing a progressive loss of freedom across our precious world, which we have been fighting for thousands of years with countless victims, blood and an ocean full of tears to ironically protect.

In the 30-year war alone, (1618-1648), 80% of Europeans had to sacrifice their freedom to choose their religion.

We are getting closer to losing everything:

Our freedom of opinion, religion and conscience.

Our freedom, in life and with our body to do what we consider right. Our financial freedom.
„Europe and the Western World in general is moving at a rapid pace back into the Middle Ages“

Freedom has always been the highest priority of mankind, even more important to many than their friends and family, even more important than their own health and life.

In this respect of freedom, we should try to define this „multi-faceted“ concept at least.

Freedom: the real possibility of shaping your life, your personal affairs and your spiritual development, according to your own ideas, desires, goals and dreams.

Freedom is absolute. Freedom is the freedom of all things that have nothing to do with your own life plan.

In the first step, the main issue is the detachment of things that restrict your freedom.

Freedom has been restricted in Europe since the E.U. and is spreading across the Western World in a measure no longer tolerable for many.

Freedom, however, is not only the freedom of something, but also freedom to something, such as: To pursue a desired activity and to create what fulfills personal fulfillment.

The freedom to have JOY, to show them and to strive for their personal happiness.

The freedom to be different, „crazy“ in the best sense of the word, that is outside the norm.

The freedom to realize in every way.

The freedom to work on one’s own eternal development. Evolution is the path from unconscious perfection to conscious imperfection to conscious perfection.

Who is free from all things, does not have to be happy.

You remember Bobbie McGee’s song: „Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose“. Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose. So to freedom, freedom also belongs to freedom.”

And so we come to the third aspect of freedom: Where does my freedom end and where does the freedom of the other begin?

How can one live freely without curtailing the freedom of the other? With growing freedom a growing responsibility is inextricably linked.

The responsibility not to hurt others (physical, mental, emotional, social). The mutual, unconditional respect towards the other.

The acceptance that the opinion, the views and the faith of the other mean its freedom.

The opinion, the faith, and the opinions of the other may contradict one’s own.

Tolerance is NOT a one-way street. Tolerance is a claimable right against each other. TOLERANCE to all tolerant people, INTOLERANCE also affects intolerant people.

Never accept that people are „better“ than others. Whenever a part of mankind defined itself as a „lord’s terrace“ in history, and the other men as inferior, there was war, murder, manslaughter and unspeakable suffering.

Therefore, it is our duty to do everything in our power to unmask and overcome the emergence of new „lordly breeds“ and intolerant groupings, philosophies and worldviews.

Freedom brings responsibility.

Freedom is not free in the sense of „free“ or self-evident. It requires constant vigilance and the will to work for freedom. Otherwise freedom is lost.

Freedom is more important than anything else in the world. It is worth looking for freedom and living with personal freedom.

Freedom of conscience is the freedom to make decisions and actions based on conscience, free from external compulsion. A non-conscientious act or decision is based on good and evil and moral criteria, which are binding on the individual.